Monday, Nov 12, 2018
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Young Samaritan club is a program for the young people to do voluntary and community activities targeting  up to 30 years.
This program is implemented by upendo with a vision of instilling a spirit of sharing with those who are in vulnerable situation like the orphans, the elderly and to compliment community activities which lack funding being led by the young Samaritans

In this program we train the young people to acquire a Smaritan heart similar to that in luke 10:25 - 29 so that we can have a generation full of helping heart ready to help those in need.


  • To encourage the young people to share with those in need not only in material things but also in services and wisdom
  • To encourage young people to participate in voluntary work to assist vulnerable communities and needy people
  • To encourage young people participate in health sensitization¬† programs like¬† HIV/AIDS, fighting drug abuse, water and sanitation
  • To promote programs which requires the participation of the young people like moral building, christainity and patriotism.

Target groups
Young Samaritan club through upendo targets to work with churches, local Governments, Schools, Organisations, companies, village communities etc in promoting self help projects.