Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018
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Upendo evangelism and seminars
we carry out seminars and crusades in different parts of the country and outside the country.

Our Senior pastor David Rubahinda always travels around the world in different countries extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ the savior to all nations as it written  Mark 16: 15.

Upendo would wish to carry out crusades in different parts of the country but some times we failed due to inadequate funds, we therefore call upon any person/individual, organization, church community, NGOs etc

Basically we need support in the following fields

  • public address systems. It can be of a great help if we happen to get our own public system such that we avoid the costs of hiring them every where we have to to conduct a crusade or a seminar.
  • Transport. we would wish to buy a van in which machines and related equipments can be transported. We also need a custom vehicle for carrying support staff to the venue
  • Accommodation for the support staff wherever we go to conduct a crusade
  • We so much need a generator, this is really a big one simply because Uganda being a third world Country there so many places/ villages without power and in such places we need to use generators but the cost of hiring is always much, it would be easier having our own. Similarly as a country we often get power blackouts everyday, this makes the a generator to be a necessity in our services.
  • Food and Clothes . We carrying out crusades, we happen to give clothes to unclothed,¬† food to hungry. We therefore stand to request any help in the fields of food and clothes which can be given out to the needy in those areas where we conduct open air crusades and seminars.