Monday, Nov 12, 2018

Children Ministries


Children's Ministry Goals : We value children as we value every other age group, this is what the Bible teaches. We value children as persons created in the image of God and as precious gifts from God. Therefore, we believe in the wonderful potential of children to become men and women of God whose lives are very important. However, the Scripture teaches that we are all born in sin, hence we are by nature children of wrath.
But, we believe in the power of God to change us, so that we become vessels for God's use. Therefore, we believe that it is important that we lead each child to faith in Jesus Christ and help parents lay a solid biblical foundation in their lives, through a balanced program of worship, Bible teaching and fellowship.

The Preschool and primary Ministry at UPENDO has endearing, committed workers who are planting seeds of God's Word into our young children. It is our desire to have the uncompromised Word of God planted deep with in the children - making a positive lasting impression in their lives. We are here to help the children build a strong, solid foundation based upon the Word of God. We do that with faith based curriculum that incorporates lessons, crafts, games and memory verses. The children have a wonderful time learning the Word and interacting with children their age. We look forward to being able to minister to your child!.