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Upendo Learning Centre started in 2004 with population of 29 pupils with classes running from baby class to primary three. It was started purely as an orphanage school with the interest of helping the orphans and vulnerable children in the community most of which were victims of HIV/AIDS. Most of these children were from church members who used to come for counseling and prayers in the church after realizing that they were already HIV positive.

The numbers of such victims went on increasing which necessitated us to start Upendo Learning Centre simply because paying for them in different schools was quite expensive. Currently the school has a population of 348 pupils of which 0ver 70% are vulnerable pupils.

The school has classes running from baby class to primary seven with 30 candidates sitting their primary leaving examinations (P.L.E) this year (2013)

Physical Location

Upendo Learning Centre is located at;
Plot 10 Busimbi Circular Lane,
Mityana Town Council
60km from Capital City (Kampala) Mubende Road

Way back in 2004 when the school had just started                    School pioneers with their teachers standing infront of classrooms