Monday, Nov 12, 2018

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Welcome to UPENDO



Welcome to Union Of Pentecostal Natives Development Organisation (UPENDO) website, please be blessed as you tour the website. Upendo is  a faith based organisation founded in 2001 and registered as an NGO in 2003 by the National NGO Board.

UPENDO was founded by 13 multi disciplined Born Again Christians being led by Rev. David Rubahinda,  there aim is to develop their community, people spiritually, physically and morally with an  aim of social economic development to the target communities. The organisations is intended to cover the whole country Uganda though at the moment we are covering some districts in  Central Uganda like; Mityana District, Mubende District, Kiboga District and Sembabule District.

Vision of UPENDO

"To create quality life for God's people in the target communities"

Mission of UPENDO

"To create a holistic impact to the community through improved spiritual, physical and moral support for improved production of communities"

Overall Objective

To establish self sustaining projects, groups for the vulnerable people, orphans and vulnerable children, the elderly, the oppressed, the youth, the HIV/AIDS infected and affected, community activities in line with word of eternity